How To: Avoid Hidden Holiday Travel Costs

Chances are that you’re headed to the airport sometime this holiday season, but not to visit a quiet, sandy beach (even if you deserve it).

Unlike travel seasons past, the upcoming one has more to do with visiting loved ones. In a November 4 survey conducted by research firm Harris Interactive in conjunction with the Washington, D.C.-based Travel Industry Association, 71% of Americans said that spending extra money on travel during the holiday season is worthwhile — so long as it affords them time with family and friends. Read more on


One of the most beautiful places on earth

Salvador is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Surrounded by beaches, amazing historical buildings and the spirits of the slaves. Because beaches surround it people go to chill and relax, eat, dance and exercise there. One of the most popular beaches in Salvador is the Porto da Barra.

The city of Salvador is notable in Brazil for its cuisine, music and architecture. Over 80% of the population of metropolitan region of Salvador has Black African ancestry. The African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro-Brazilian culture. It has many historical monuments dating from the 17th through the 19th centuries

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The weekends especially Sunday is the most crowded so what your belongings. Everything can disappear in a moment by anyone.

Other attractions include the historical Old City “Pelourinho” with its cobblestone streets, massive churches, town squares full of music and a carnival every night and the “lighthouse” which is not only a major tourist attraction by day but at night behind the lighthouse is another story. Not for the week of heart. This is a serious cruising area. It is dark and dangerous.

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