Zenbiz Trippin Travel Talk Radio Launched Today

Zenbiz Trippin is a weekly 30 minute travel talk show hosted by Laurence Pinckney of Zenbiz Travel, LLC.  Each week they will present interesting guests that talk about all things travel.  The premiere edition features Julia Swenda of GoGo Worldwide Vacations, Tammy Peay – comedian and world traveler & Charlii – chef and TV host.  This week Zenbiz Trippin discusses “Planning the Ultimate Vacation”  Tune into Zenbiz Trippin on Radio GBM.  Just go to talk and scroll down to Zenbiz Trippin.  Your comments are welcome.


In a few days a years worth of planning will come to fruition. The guests have been looking forward to next week for several months. The Ultimate Halloween Caribbean So many details go into presenting a group cruise. We had a great team starting with the staff of Carnival Cruise Lines for welcoming us again, ZBT graphic designers at Motionphics Studios, the amazing talent that we have assembled for this event and of course the scores of people who helped us promote UHCC1.

Travel Saving for Luxury – Luxevo

Learn an easy way of traveling for less and make points doing this. Plan your vacation at a discount and discover the amazing value. Get your membership today by clicking here. You don’t want to miss this amazing program. Don’t like timeshares? You will love this. Zenbiz Travel will be your professional travel agent. Watch the video and get ready to pack and go. Luxevo is here.